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      a review on history

      There is nothing to show!

      The words of the elders

      In the view of statistics

      In 1917, Palestine was occupied by the British and paved the way for the occupation of Palestine by Israel. The land of Palestine was occupied by Israel in 1948 and continues to be occupied. The country has witnessed many wars, intifadas and massacres during this period. About 100,000 Palestinians have been martyred since the occupation of Palestine in 1948. During the years of occupation of Palestine, this land has witnessed numerous uprisings of the Palestinian people.The first Palestinian uprising took place in 1976, known as the Earth Day Intifada.

      Israel has committed massacres of Palestinians several times.

      In 1948, there were 34 massacres by Israel, the most famous of which was the “Deir Yassin”massacre.

      6500 Palestinian prisoners
      100.000+ Palestinian Martyrs
      13.7 M Palestinian population
      6.2 M Palestinian refugees

      Supporters of Holy Quds