Considering the religious and theological principles, caring for the Muslims’ affairs, responding to the call of the oppressed and innocent Muslims, helping the oppressed and enmity with the oppressors in denying the infidel dynasty (global Zionist); The Holy Quds site is a scientific step in support of the Holy Land of Palestine and the first qibla of Muslims.

Looking at the speeches of the founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Imam Khomeini, and Ayatollah Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution of Iran, the need for a cultural struggle against the Zionist regime becomes more apparent. The Supreme Leader of the Revolution considers Palestine to be the first issue of the Islamic world and has outlined the only way to save the Holy Quds in fighting and resistance. He calls Israel a fake nation that basically has no existence or identity.

The focus of the activity of the Holy Quds is to address the most important ideals of the Islamic umma and to fight against Zionism. This site deals with the jihad and struggle of the Palestinian people, its history and various aspects, and reveals the crimes of Zionist terrorism to everyone with reliable news, images and information.



To introduce the unforgettable memories, history, and culture of Palestine.

To present information about Palestine, different issues relevant to its formation and evolution.

 To present information and introduce the Holy City of Quds and the Land of Palestine.

 To reveal all the truth, the different aspects and the threats of the Zionist's project for Palestine, Arab's nations, and all Muslims.

 To make a connective bridge between the supporters and fans of the Holy Quds' Cause.

 To demonstrate the problem of Palestine's nation such as how they are under torture, siege, and hunger by the occupying Zionists.

 To demonstrate the stability, Jihad, and courageous resistance of the Palestinian nation in their fight against the occupying and oppressive measures of the Zionists.